Oliver Barclay


Luxury essentials for the modern man


Ocean and sand

The Comb

Crafted from three contrasting layers of hardwood, our comb breaks the traditional mould. With laser-engraved personalisation, every comb is unique to you.

The Pen Box

Embellished with your name, there has never been a more stylish means of storing your pens. You can now display them prominently on your desk with pride.

Clear water at the beach

The Coaster

With the letter of your choice, our coasters are uniquely made for you. The hardwood and polished steel marry to produce a stunning, complimentary pair of coasters.

Oliver Barclay is a small business started by Hylton Harvey and Maxime Geuten. We set out to build a luxury brand, with high-quality products, which were environmentally friendly, original and built to last a lifetime.